The Holly Quran

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013.mp3 21:10:15MuziqPakistan.NetSura Ar-Rad (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaiThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:16:44 32S22
036.mp3 3.303.03.18 21:14:11MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Yaseen (Sh. Hani Ar-RefThe Holly Quran0:13:56 32M22
002a.mp311.803.03.18 21:06:24MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Baqara - A (Sh. HaniThe Holly Quran0:49:27 32M22
045.mp3 0.503.03.18 21:15:24MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Jathiya (Sh. Hani ArThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:02:11 32S22
017.mp3 21:10:57MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Isra (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly Quran0:29:32 32M22
076.mp3 21:17:52MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Insaan (Sh. Hani Ar-The Holly Quran0:04:55 32M22
057.mp3 2.603.03.18 21:16:30MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Hadeed (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:11:11 32S22
006.mp314.203.03.18 21:08:13MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Anaam (Sh. Hani Ar-RThe Holly Quran0:59:29 32M22
072.mp3 21:17:37MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Jinn (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly Quran0:05:20 32M22
059.mp3 21:16:42MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Hashar (Sh. Hani Ar-The Holly Quran0:08:57 32M22
031.mp3 21:13:28MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Luqman (Sh. Hani Ar-RefThe Holly Quran0:09:18 32M22
016.mp3 6.503.03.18 21:10:45MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Nahl (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:27:22 32S22
051.mp3 1.703.03.18 21:15:57MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Thariyat (Sh. Hani Ar-The Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:07:05 32S22
023.mp3 21:12:04MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Mo'minoon (Sh. Hani ArThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:21:15 32S22
062.mp3 0.703.03.18 21:16:50MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Jumma (Sh. Hani Ar-RThe Holly Quran0:03:18 32M22
063.mp3 0.803.03.18 21:16:53MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Munaafiqoon (Sh. HanThe Holly Quran0:03:43 32M22
018.mp3 6.903.03.18 21:11:10MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Kahf (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly Quran0:28:51 32M22
080.mp3 0.603.03.18 21:18:06MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Abasa (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaThe Holly Quran0:02:32 32M22
026.mp3 6.303.03.18 21:12:38MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Ash Shuara (Sh. Hani ArThe Holly Quran0:26:35 32M22
030.mp3 3.703.03.18 21:13:22MuziqPakistan.NetSura Ar-Room (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:15:38 32S22
008.mp3 5.903.03.18 21:08:54MuziqPakistan.NetSurah Al-Anfal (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:24:38 32S22
034.mp3 3.803.03.18 21:13:52MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Saba (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaiThe Holly Quran0:16:13 32M22
058.mp3 21:16:36MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Mujadala (Sh. Hani AThe Holly Quran0:09:23 32M22
044.mp3 21:15:21MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Ad-Dukaan (Sh. Hani Ar-The Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:05:11 32S22
009.mp311.603.03.18 21:09:15MuziqPakistan.NetSurah Al-Tawba (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:48:31 32S22
042.mp3 3.703.03.18 21:15:08MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Shoura (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:15:41 32S22
071.mp3 21:17:33MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Nooh (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaiThe Holly Quran0:04:11 32M22
052.mp3 1.403.03.18 21:16:01MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Toor (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:06:02 32S22
039.mp3 6.303.03.18 21:14:40MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Zumar (Sh. Hani Ar-R2001The Holly Quranwww.islamway.com0:26:29 32M22
041.mp3 3.803.03.18 21:15:00MuziqPakistan.NetSura Fusilat (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:16:04
038.mp3 21:14:26MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Sad (Sh. Hani Ar-Refai)The Holly Quran0:13:25 32M22
068.mp3 1.303.03.18 21:17:19MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Qalam (Sh. Hani Ar-RefThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:05:43 32S22
Soorah Mudasir.mp3 21:05:55MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Mudasir (Qari Sadaqat AReadings From The Holly Quran0:08:54
046.mp3 2.803.03.18 21:15:31MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Al Haqaf (Sh. Hani Ar-RThe Holly Quran0:11:52 32M22
019.mp3 4.403.03.18 21:11:18MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Maryam (Sh. Hani Ar-RefThe Holly Quran0:18:23 32M22
014.mp3 21:10:25MuziqPakistan.NetSura Ibrahim (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:16:41 32S22
005.mp312.803.03.18 21:07:48MuziqPakistan.NetSurah Al-Ma'ida (Sh. Hani Ar-RThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:53:37 32S22
020.mp3 21:11:32MuziqPakistan.NetSoorah Taha (Sh. Hani Ar-RefaiThe Holly Quran0:29:46 32M22
055.mp3 21:16:19MuziqPakistan.NetSura Al-Rahman (Sh. Hani Ar-ReThe Holly QuranDistributed by www.IslamWay.com0:08:41 32S22

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